Picture of Meg Jordan

The Health Life Style Fundamentals course is Dr. Meg Jordan’s NBHWC Health and Wellness Review Course

This Canvas course is designed specifically to help FMCA alumni prepare for the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) exam.

Your FMCA training focused more on the Functional Medicine paradigm. The NBHWC exam covers coaching concepts that are taught across paradigms, so Dr. Jordan’s course highlights how your FMCA training relates to this broader scope of Health and Wellness Coaching information. You’ll review topics like the Healthy Lifestyle Fundamentals, Emotional Intelligence and working with emotions, considerations for referrals, and the general conventional health & wellness knowledge that will appear on the test.

PLEASE NOTE: NBHWC will likely update the content of the NBC-HWC exam shortly. When the exam is updated, this Test Prep course will ALSO be updated automatically to reflect these changes, free of charge. The updated material will appear in Canvas for you as soon as it is available