Creating a Healthier Workforce with FMCA Health Coaches

Individualized support tailored to your employee needs

The FMCA Workforce Wellness Program™ is the leading Health Coach Consulting service that provides personalized guidance to your leadership team and employees seeking to optimize their health and well-being. We connect your team with certified health coaches trained with evidence-based principles and disciplines from the FMCA Health Coach Certification™ Program.

Science-Based Data Results including FMCA-generated outcome data, demonstrate that when individuals partner with a health coach, they report profound personal transformation and significant improvements in physical and emotional well-being. These results create ripple effects in the workplace, including better job performance, enhanced morale, decreased absenteeism, and increased job satisfaction.

Program Evaluation provides outcome data to ensure progress and program effectiveness demonstrating measurable value to your organization.

The FMCA Workforce Wellness Program signature three-month plan offers a comprehensive, individualized, direct-to-employee benefits service. Statistically significant and clinically meaningful degrees of improvement in health can be made within this timeframe.

“As a participant, I would say having a health and wellness coach has been the single biggest thing Slalom has ever done to show me that they care about me … not just my work … but ME.”

– Slalom employee

employee benefits

• 5 health coaching sessions
• 1-on-1 with a dedicated Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
• Topics addressed often include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and interpersonal relations

program services

• Dedicated Program Developer
• Customized benefits and implementation development
• Option to incorporate pre- and post-data collection for outcome tracking

Wellbeing at Work
PRE-Coaching Levels

Mental Health: ★★☆☆☆

Physical Health: ★★☆☆☆

Positivity/Outlook: ★☆☆

Overall Wellness: ★☆☆☆


Wellbeing at Work
POST-Coaching Levels

Mental Health: ★★★★★

Physical Health: ★★★☆☆

Positivity/Outlook: ★☆

Overall Wellness: ★★★☆


Campbell, P., Scheinbaum, S., & Putz, R. Pilot Study: Improvements in Employee Physical and Mental Health Following Short-Term Functional Medicine Health Coaching. Poster Session Presented at Institute for Functional Medicine's 30th Annual International Conference (AIC) 2023, June 1-3: Orlando, FL

purpose and value-driven

“At Slalom, we work toward creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to love their work and life. One part of this strategy includes initiatives that focus on employee wellbeing. I am thrilled Slalom has had the opportunity to partner with FMCA. This partnership is a differentiator for us as it truly allows us to support our employees' wellbeing in a personalized way.

My own experience with my FMCA coach has had a meaningful impact for me and has supported me being my best self at work and at home.”

Michele Bleser
VP, Business Transformation at Slalom

Wellness at Slalom

2022 FMCA Workforce Wellness Program client

User Experience and Results at Slalom
To a statistically significant and clinically meaningful degree, Slalom employees who received coaching in a modifiable lifestyle area not only reported fewer physical and mental health symptoms but also perceived their physical and mental health to be improved after the functional medicine health coaching sessions.

"Coaching and mental health care have the power to help unlock skills, thought leadership, and superpowers for our people to be their most authentic selves at Slalom."

comprehensive data collection

Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
MSQ patient-reported results provide information about the body systems. Utilized to identify and track specific categories of health and wellness, MSQ results help determine where to focus energy and effort.

PROMIS Global Health Questionnaire
PROMIS-10 patient-reported results are used to calculate two summary scores: a Global Physical Health Score and a Global Mental Health score. These scores are then standardized to the general population, using the “T-Score”. The average “T-Score” for the United States population is 50 points, with a standard deviation of 10 points.

Talk with our knowledgeable Workforce Wellness Development Team about elevating your employee benefits with health coaching! We’re here to answer your questions, talk things through, offer resources, and assist you in finding your path forward with FMCA.