Reversing Cognitive Decline (RCD) for Coaches

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and Dr. Dale Bredesen have partnered to create Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches (RCD), the only course that trains Health Coaches and other healthcare professionals in the Bredesen Protocol for Reversing Cognitive Decline AND earns you NBHWC Continuing Education Credit.


This groundbreaking course is designed by The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and Dr. Dale Bredesen, an internationally-recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. He developed the Bredesen Protocol to address the causes of cognitive decline in a comprehensive and personalized way that leads to improved outcomes. The Protocol is one of the few promising treatments currently available for cognitive impairment, and Dr. Bredesen believes health coaches are the key to helping cognitively-impaired clients and their caregivers create changes that stick.

In this course, you’ll build proficiency in a range of skills and topics crucial for working with cognitively-impaired populations, including but not limited to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge to coach cognitive decline clients and their caregivers
  • Learn how to best support practitioners who are using the Bredesen Protocol
  • Effectively coach cognitively-impaired clients and caregivers in the Bredesen approach to cognitive decline
  • Demonstrate understanding of ketosis, the recommended nutrition plan, and intermittent fasting
  • Describe the importance of accurate assessment and differential diagnosis
  • Explain how to use Brain HQ
  • Choose appropriate coaching strategies to effectively partner with cognitively-impaired clients and caregivers to create goals for initiating and sustaining healthy lifestyle change
  • Access to recordings of Live Town Hall Meetings where Dr. Bredesen answers questions from practitioners and patients. 

This self-paced online course is presented in 8 modules:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Cognitive Decline and Bredesen's Approach to Cognitive Decline
  • Coaching Clients and Caregivers with in the Bredesen Protocol
  • Nutrition Plan for the Bredesen Protocol
  • Lifestyle Interventions
  • Brain Training and Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Coaching In Action
  • Conclusion

Why Take this Course?

Cognitive decline, a lapse in cognitive functions like memory and reason associated with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of mild cognitive impairment, is becoming a global epidemic. These conditions affect the sufferer’s ability to make good decisions, recall important information, access and create memories—in short, cognitive decline impacts every area of the patient’s life. Global incidence of these conditions is growing at an epidemic pace, yet few effective treatments exist and few healthcare professionals have sufficient training aimed specifically at reversing cognitive decline. Cognitively impaired patients and their caregivers need support NOW, and more and more of them are turning to health coaches looking for results.

In this first-of-its-kind course, health coaches and other healthcare professionals will:

    • Learn effective strategies and tools to help cognitively-impaired clients and their caregivers create goals for initiating and sustaining healthy lifestyle change
    • Build the language and skills to confidently partner with doctors whose patients are undergoing the Bredesen Protocol
    • Explore a new potential client base and coaching niche in one of the fastest-growing areas of healthcare
    • Build a foundation in a critical skill set that, should you choose to pursue it, will set yourself apart and differentiate your practice
    • Start to speak confidently on topics like ketosis, the recommended nutrition plan, intermittent fasting, Brain HQ, and the importance of accurate assessment and differential diagnosis
    • Earn 10 NBHWC Continuing Education hours (if eligible)

What are people saying?

"The course content was rich and well designed (each component fit together well and is needed) and the sequencing felt right. Areas of particular note: Sandi framing course within positive psychology umbrella- very effective (and inspiring!); Dr. Bredesen's video sessions in the "Overview session" set the clinical foundation well; Module 1, Session 4 with AmyLee Amos was extremely rich in content and applicability for the coach. It also helped to hear directly from someone who has coached clients using the Protocol; Module 2 is essential and cannot be overlooked to be successful- important content; Modules 3 and 4 are helpful factual/tactical tools coaches need to understand to be successful; Module 5- Dr. Edmondsen's interview was very informative as was the Brain HQ session; Module 6: Coaching in Action examples were well designed and hit on a range of circumstances coaches will experience- helpful. Overall I really liked the course and see how it will help me in coaching clients."

~RCD Beta Student

Getting Started:

Once you purchase Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches, you will receive an email invitation to the course from our educational platform, Canvas.  You will have access to the course material in Canvas for 6 months, and all materials are downloadable as well. Modules will be completed in sequential order, and students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.