Growing Through Challenges

A discussion for health coaches everywhere

Wednesday | June 23 | 10-11:15am CDT

Join FMCA for Our Complimentary Summer Symposium

One thing that unites us is a struggle: unfortunately, we all go through adversity and we all try to come out the other side. How we respond to our challenges—and our process for overcoming them—will look different for each of us. As health coaches, we have the opportunity to nurture growth through struggle; to meet a client where they are and support them as they find their way to the other side. Resiliency and creativity are the keys!

Wednesday, June 23 from 10am to 11:15am CDT

Live online mini-symposium hosted by Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Keynote Speaker: Jim Kwik

World-renowned brain coach, memory trainer, and traumatic brain injury survivor

Panelists: Kristi Hughes, Leora Mofsowitz, and Mohammed Mostafa

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches with global industry experience

Moderator: Monique Class

Our favorite Family Nurse Practitioner, Senior IFM Faculty, and FMCA’s beloved Senior Content Developer & Lead Faculty

All are WELCOME!

Health coaches and health-minded people from all around the world are encouraged to attend

We look forward to you joining us!