Welcome to The FMCA family!

Here we go! You are officially on your way to becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

What to Expect Between Now and March 1:

  • Your Syllabus: Click the button below to download the Master Syllabus
  • Virtual Orientation: February 15

-Create your Canvas account and learn your way around the course through Orientation videos
-Select your Live Training Session time slot and Course Facilitator

  • Between now and Orientation: We’ll pop into your inbox a few times to share some things we hope will get you excited for what’s to come!

You’re probably eager to get started (and maybe a little nervous, too, and that’s okay!). We’re glad to have you with us and promise to make the next 12 months a deeply rewarding experience full of growth and progress toward the career you’re dreaming of, whatever that looks like for you.

NOTE: if you’re still receiving our promotional emails after today or have any questions, let us know at studentfeedback@functionalmedicinecoaching.org.