About Andre Norman

Andre Norman’s childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime and violence and eventually led him to be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. During his 2-year stay in solitary confinement, Andre had an “epiphany” and he made the decision to turn his life around, and after serving 14 years he walked out the doors of prison as a free man.

Now known to many as “The Ambassador Of Hope,” Andre’s experience and expertise is what empowers him to help people turn their situation around. Andre travels around the world to serve as a mentor and listening ear for so many in need. He has made an impact working in the countries of Bahamas, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Sweden, and Trinidad to name a few.

He is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and serves as a consultant for executive groups, prison systems, and non-profit organizations. Perhaps most notably, Andre’s work in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere addressing social unrest earned him a fellowship at Harvard University. He is the author of the just-released Ambassador of Hope: Turning Poverty and Prison Into A Purpose-Driven Life

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