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Education is at the core of everything we do. Whether you're a prospective student, currently enrolled, an alumnus, or just interested in wellness and health coaching, we want to inform and inspire. FMCA brings in experts from all over the world to share their insights on crucial topics for health coaches.

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Dr. Kalea Wattles

In this 60-minute webinar replay, Kalea will be walking attendees through what creates fertility, sexual health, and more.

The Romance Prescription: Exploring Love, Fertility, and Preconception Health

Does romance play an important role in sexual health and even fertility?
Valentine’s Day fans rejoice because the answer is an emphatic, “YES!” To explore the connection between love, nutrition, and preconception health, FMCA is proud to welcome Dr. Kalea Wattles, ND, IFMCP as our latest Ask The Expert guest.

Dr. Kalea Wattles, ND, IFMCP is a naturopathic physician, certified functional medicine practitioner, and founder of Functional Fertility. As an educator, podcaster, speaker, and clinician, Dr. Wattles combines cutting-edge science with treasured traditional wisdom, applying a systems biology approach to discover the root cause of fertility struggles.

During This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Why Preconception Care Matters and how Functional Medicine approaches can help improve sexual health.
  • Lifestyle factors that can improve fertility.
  • How Health Coaches can collaborate with their clients for improved sexual health and fertility.
  • How nutrition can impact hormones, fertility, and sexual health. #FoodIsMedicine

Replays Of Past Events

While we don’t make public replays of every FMCA virtual event, we try to share as many as possible. Here’s a list of available webinars we’ve hosted in the past: