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FMCA trains and certifies functional medicine health coaches from all over the world. Are you ready to pursue a career that is changing the face of healthcare?


Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Graduates


health education specialists and community health workers (health coaches) employed nationwide1

41 million

worldwide die of non communicable chronic illness and could be helped by a coach2


Health coaching is a powerful tool for fixing a broken global healthcare system. At FMCA, we provide industry leading instruction, support, and community to produce certified health coaches who are saving lives.

If you’re considering becoming a health coach, read on to discover what sets our program apart.

The Gold Standard in Health Coaching Certification

FMCA offers the only certification program designed and delivered in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and fully approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

World-Renowned Educators, Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep into positive psychology coaching techniques, functional medicine principles, nutrition and food plans, mind-body medicine, and the psychology of eating, with guidance from leaders across these fields.

Unmatched Community And Alumni Support

FMCA offers career guidance, health coaching resources, and community support for students and alums. We’re always with you!

Hear From FMCA Alumni

The FMCA Alumni Network continues to grow.

Here are just a few stories of transformation and joy after studying functional medicine health coaching.

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My Health Coach Certification experience has been nothing short of transformative. It’s a one-year journey of self-discovery-almost like an ongoing retreat. A fantastic space for self-improvement because FMCA has created a space that allows vulnerability.




My time with FMCA was truly life-changing. I went into the course thinking I knew most of what there was to know about living well but I soon realized I had so much left to learn. The content was vast, enqaging and presented in easy to digest bite size chunks. My facilitator was amazing and I felt fully supported throughout the process. It has changed the way I approach my health and my interactions with people and feel fully prepared to start life as a FMCA health coach.




I came to FMCA hoping to gain some knowledge for my current job working with kids with special needs in a feeding clinic. What I have gained was far beyond I could have imagined. I have become a more self aware person, better listener, better mother, and better friend.




FMCA’s Health Coach Certification Program reiterated the importance of a holistic approach to health on every level, not just the physical. The program is well-rounded, fit easily into my schedule, and I truly enjoyed it. In addition to the NBHWC-approved curriculum (which allows for board certification from the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching), the most meaningful and enriching aspect of the program is the lifelong friendships I made in my LTS. Before enrolling in FMCA, I knew I had a calling to coach, but I lacked the skill, confidence, and professionalism. I now have what I need!




“I absolutely loved this program! I felt seen, heard, supported, encouraged and now I have a group of friends and colleagues that I know will do great work in the world of health and wellness. Thank you!”




“FMCA is a wonderful wellness coaching program! I already work in the wellness coaching business, and FMCA not only has broadened my knowledge base, but I’ve made so many lifelong connections to support my continued coaching journey. Thank you!”




FMCA has changed my life in a big way. I inhaled the course content and began to understand the deep complexity of the body and systems from a different perspective—from a healthy model, rather than the disease model I learned in nursing school. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Live Training Sessions (LTS)…but these brilliantly facilitated video meetings formed an essential core for the program. Practicing coaching skills and receiving feedback helped us grow and develop into confident, client-focused coaches. I learned a lot about myself and I was able to make changes in order to become the coach I wanted to be.




As a Personal Trainer for the last 21 years, I tried to convince my clients to stick to their goals, and sometimes, pushing them drained me mentally and emotionally. FMCA changed that. Now I walk alongside my clients on the journey and let them take the lead, which gives them the confidence to keep moving forward and also frees me from the feeling of being responsible for their progress. I am so grateful for this program and the change it has made in me. I searched far and wide for a program that aligned with what I believe in, and this was it!




What a year it has been! It surpassed my expectations. I now have the knowledge and gift of using coaching as a healing presence in people’s lives. We, coaches, are there to help our clients find their inner wisdom, to empower them, to renew their hope, to draw on their strengths, to explore their vision, to connect with their values, and to help them achieve lasting lifestyle change. FMCA encourages you to find your unique style, to be optimistic, to listen deeply and to acknowledge what your client is saying. In this way, you can inspire self-discovery. Thank you for an incredible year of learning


South Africa


I have thoroughly enjoyed FMCA. The group coaching sessions were awesome and really prepared me to deal with clients in a confident manner. I would not have thought the changes that took place in each of us would be so dramatic! Amazing coaching program, really.




The skills I learned at FMCA fundamentally changed my health coaching for the better. I feel much more in tune and connected with my clients and I have become a much better listener, and therefore more able to support my clients in their healing process. One of the things my clients love the most is when I focus on their Character Strengths, as it gives them the hope and confidence that really helps them move forward.




I already had a good amount of Functional Medicine knowledge coming into this program and it did a great job of adding to that knowledge while reviewing core principles for those students who may be newer to the topic. The education in coaching and positive psychology principles was excellent. The faculty is top-notch and the hands-on practice prepares you well to start a career in coaching. The workload is manageable and can be balanced with other life/work priorities. I’m very happy with the education I received from FMCA!




FMCA’s Health Coach Certification Program is the best thing that I have done for my professional development thus far in my career. As a Wellness Director at a college, I can apply so much of what I’ve learned on a day-to-day basis. I went into the program expecting to gain knowledge around health and nutrition, and I’m graduating with so much more than that. The way I communicate with others, present myself, listen, and ask questions has been transformed, and that’s invaluable. I am so grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anymore!




I absolutely did not expect all this from an online course. There is much more interaction between students than I thought, probably more than I had when I was pursuing my Nutrition Degree. And since English is my second language, I was not comfortable in group discussions when I started, yet I have overcome it with all the courage and support of my cohorts and course facilitator. I can see myself growing, and I really like it. I call this my Functional Medicine Family, because that’s what it really feels like.




I started the program to gain knowledge and vocabulary in nutrition. I had no plans of coaching, I just wanted the credibility that comes with FMCA’s affiliation with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Instead, this program put a spotlight on a natural gift and passion for coaching that I was oblivious to before. I am taking my newfound love of Health Coaching back to the music community I work in, applying the principles I’ve learned to help creatives sustain their biggest crazy dreams.




FMCA’s Program Is Approved By Leading Experts In Health Coaching

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