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Our mission is to make personalized wellness a reality for the world.

We Are Creating a Culture of Wellness by Educating Coaches

Founded in 2014 in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, we train Functional Medicine Health Coaches to partner with clients, collaborate with practitioners, and build a career doing something they love.


Functional Medicine empowers patients and practitioners to work together to resolve the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness through diet and lifestyle change. Learn how it's changing the game in healthcare.

Our innovative curriculum prepares you to partner with a Functional Medicine practitioner on a collaborative care team, start your own independent coaching practice, work in a corporate wellness setting, or define your own unique career path. Get started here.

Get the gold standard in Functional Medicine and Health Coach education in our Health Coach Certification Program and Specialty Courses. Choose your path now.


The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) was founded in 2014 by two women whose personal experiences with the conventional healthcare system—both as providers and as patients—drove them to find a better way to be well. A way that listened to and treated the whole self, not just the parts that could be medicated.

Founder Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum spent nearly five decades making healthcare and education more holistic and innovative. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Sandi specialized in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mind-body medicine, and served as a teacher and the director of a clinic for Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD). She is a pioneer in her fields, having implemented programs such as the use of neurofeedback with patients and becoming the first-ever psychologist to earn certification through The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Sandi partnered with co-founder Elyse Wagner, a certified nutritionist and licensed mental health counselor, while working together as mental health professionals in Chicago. With experience in health coaching as well as a dual master’s degree in holistic nutrition and clinical psychology, Elyse’s personal journey to overcome chronic illness fuels her passion for helping others take ownership of their health. The two women connected over their shared belief in the transformative power of Functional Medicine, and together decided to fill a gap in the Functional Medicine model. That's when their vision of Functional Medicine Health Coach Certification was born. 

The History of Health Coaching with Margaret Moore

Keynote Address, Insights into the Future of Health Coaching Symposium

Symposium Video Site Images - Margaret Moore

Watch Institute of Coaching Co-Founder and "Mother of Health Coaching" Margaret Moore speak on the history and impact of health coaching. She discusses how the field began, how it evolved into the growing industry it is today, and where she predicts this community of coaches is headed next.

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Functional Medicine Coaching: How to Be Part of the Movement That’s Transforming Healthcare

“I’m a strong proponent of this program - it has the power to transform lives.”

Mark Hyman, MD | Board President of Clinical Affairs, The Institute for Functional Medicine