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Train with the only health coaching program designed in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine and fully approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.

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Become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach in this immersive and in-depth online training program! You’ll learn to apply core coaching techniques and the principles of Functional Medicine and nutrition, mind-body medicine, and positive psychology to transform your own life and help your clients do the same.

The International Gold-Standard in Health Coach Training

The only Health Coaching Program designed in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is established in partnership with IFM, we share many of the same educators and curriculum with IFM’s practitioner training. Because of our partnership, we're the only health coaching program where you learn to “speak the language of Functional Medicine”—and that sets you apart for the rest of your career.

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is the only health coach certification program that has completely incorporated Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition into the curriculum. The letters you’ll add after your name as a graduate—FMCHC—will let the world know you’re a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

A National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)-Approved Program

As an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program with the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC, formerly ICHWC), graduates may choose to pursue board certification through NBHWC’s Health & Wellness Coach (HWC) Certifying Exam. The new credential, “National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach,” or NBC-HWC, is quickly becoming the indicator for coaches with the highest level of training available. Naturally, many of our graduates are choosing to sit for their NBC-HWC to take their certification to the next level. 

#1 in Online Teaching/Training

FMCA is honored to receive the United States Distance Learning Association’s (USDLA) Excellence in Teaching/Training Award for 2020. This award recognizes FMCA for teaching that demonstrates extraordinary achievements and effective learning facilitated through technology with measurable outcomes.

USDLA Award #1 in Online Teaching/Training

Thinking About Health Coach Certification?
10 Questions You Should Be Asking

With a growing number of Health Coach Certification options out there, how do you find the one that’s right for you? We came up with our top 10 questions to help guide you through the process of choosing your best-match health coach training program (and we’ve answered them below!).

Is this the most up-to-date, innovative health coach training?

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is the international gold standard in health coach training, and we’re proud of it! Especially our partnership with The Institute for Functional Medicine—we’re the only health coach training program in collaboration with IFM, which means our students get cutting-edge Functional Medicine research and tools you can’t find anywhere else. We also have the coveted seal of approval from the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, so if you like, you may sit for National Board Certification after you graduate.

Who teaches the program?

Our world-renowned faculty will blow you away. We’re grateful that Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Kristi Hughes, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and Dr. Deanna Minich, and many brilliant voices in the field have chosen to teach at FMCA. You’ll love learning from them.

What is the program length and how flexible is the schedule?

Our 12-month Health Coach Certification Program is 100% online. You can access the course materials anywhere, anytime (lots of students listen to recorded webinars while commuting, exercising, working around the house, etc.). Even Live Training Sessions take place via video chat—we are all about convenience and fitting into your life.

Is the program hands-on? Will I actually practice my new skills?

We believe a great online program is SO much more than reading alone at your computer. You’ll meet with fellow students 3 times per month via small group video call to practice coaching, get personalized feedback from your course facilitator, and connect and share this journey with each other. Watching your coaching and interpersonal skills grow during Live Training Sessions is one of the highlights of the FMCA experience.

Will I be part of a community?

If there’s one thing we love most about our program, it’s the people we serve and the relationships they build together. Many students find meaningful connections in their Live Training Session cohort because it’s a space where everyone is invited to be honest, open, and even vulnerable. We’re also an active bunch in our private Facebook group, and you might even meet other students in your local area—we tend to like to get together in person whenever possible!

What support is available after I graduate?

Graduates get access to the Functional Medicine Job Board, create their own custom profiles in our Find a Coach Directory , and may choose to join our popular Alumni Program for tailored business support, community, and Continuing Education Credit. The Alumni Program provides twice-a-month mentor coaching along with first access to new resources, courses, tools, and regular opportunities to get support from our founders. It’s a great way to stay close to your FMCA family.

What career paths can I take once I complete the program?

Your training as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach prepares you for lots of career options , including establishing your own health & wellness coaching business, working on a collaborative care team in a medical practice, implementing wellness programs in a corporate setting, or using your training in combination with your current position (a popular choice for students who already work in a health and wellness career). Many students choose a combination of these paths to create their own ideal career—it all depends on your interests and experience.

Are graduates eligible to earn their Board Certification?

Yes! The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is one of just a few programs approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Once you graduate, you may choose to sit for the Health & Wellness Coach Certifying Examination to earn the credential “National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach,” or NBC-HWC.

Is this program approved for Continuing Education?

Whether you need Continuing Education Credit or not, Continuing Education approval is a marker of a respected and comprehensive coach training. Our program is approved by 9 organizations as a Continuing Education provider (check the Info Packet for details). The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is also an approved Continuing Education provider through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Does this program (and the school’s values) “feel right”?

At the end of the day, YOU know this better than anyone. When you picture the future you want, choose the program that will help you get there, one that resonates with your passions and goals. Trust your intuition. For our part, we’ll never make you feel pressured by a sales pitch or rushed into something that’s not right for you. FMCA students choose us out of all their health and wellness coach training options because what we provide and what they want are in alignment.

What You Get When You Join Our Health Coach Certification Program

  • A cutting-edge, flexible online learning experience with access to your course materials anywhere, anytime
  • A deep dive into positive psychology coaching techniques, Functional Medicine principles, nutrition and food plans, mind-body medicine, and the psychology of eating
  • Hands-on, experiential group training sessions led by our best-in-class course facilitators
  • Individualized attention and feedback from course facilitators and leadership team, and regular opportunities to interact with internationally-recognized faculty of industry experts
  • Wide variety of career paths to choose from after graduation—see a few of your options below
  • As a National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)-Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program, you may choose to sit for National Board Certification with NBHWC after you graduate
  • Ongoing community support, mentorship, career opportunities, and Continuing Education available through our Alumni Program
Online Health Coaching Certification Program

Why Industry Experts Choose Collaborative Care

Insights into the Future of Health Coaching Symposium

Certified Health Coaching Experts

Get access to this roundtable discussion featuring: Leigh-Ann Webster, Executive Director of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching; Dr. Cheng Ruan, Founder of the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine; and Dr. Innocent Clement, CEO of EVOLVD Health. Explore the future of the doctor-coach partnership and hear why doctors say coaching leads to better health outcomes.

To watch the video, please fill out the form.

Market And Grow Your Coaching Business: The Business-Building Track

Your Coaching Business, Out Of The Box: Learn and apply proven strategies, tactics, and tools to create a successful health coaching business and/or become a valued member of a collaborative care team.

Anyone can use a “business in a box,” but this is Functional Medicine Health Coaching—we’re already out of the box! And we believe that the same innovative, holistic approach is the key to creating a rewarding and sustainable career. Think of it as business out of the box. Our team of business leaders will show you how to get the basics down and then customize everything to work for the heart-centered practice you envision for yourself.

Let's take the stress out of setting up your business and turn it into something you actually enjoy.

As an FMCA student, you already have a competitive edge thanks to your highly-respected coaching skills—and now, the new Business-Building Track will give you that same competitive edge as you create your dream career path.

Here's what you need to know about the new Business-Building Track

  • You’ll learn from our powerhouse of faculty members, including business and marketing gurus like Functional Medicine practice success coach Sachin Patel, empowerment specialist Mary Morrissey, professional development expert Michael Bernoff, fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin, sales conversion mentor Lisa Sasevich, and many more.
  • It’s a major expansion of our previous Business and Marketing content, designed to answer your most burning business questions so you can start planning your next steps months before you graduate.
  • It’s totally optional, and you can participate in as much or as little of the content as you like.
  • It starts in Month 9, so you’ll focus on building a foundation in Functional Medicine and positive psychology coaching first and then add in the business component as you get closer to graduation.
  • There’s no added cost for you the Business-Building Track is included in our Health Coach Certification. Consider it a core part of your training.

In the Business-Building Track, you’ll learn:

Who your ideal clients are, and how to find them

How to set your pricing, refund policy, and payment options

How to use social media to connect with new clients and partners

Whether you need a website, and how to use technology to expand your business

Which “old-school” marketing tactics will work for your market and goals

How to establish an LLC and other tax considerations

Best practices for navigating HIPAA and other legal considerations

How to work with insurance and manage reimbursements

September 2021 Health Coach Certification Class

Interested in earning your Health Coach Certification?

Registration for FMCA’s September 2021 class opens in July.
Download our Info Packet for information on curriculum, student life, certification & continuing education, and more.

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Here’s What Our Students Are Saying

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Get a better sense of who we are and what we have to offer you! Check out the Info Packet to learn more about
Functional Medicine and Health Coaching, registration and tuition, our student community, and more.

What Will Your Remote Classroom Experience Look Like?

What Can You Do With Your Health Coach Certification?

See what our graduates are doing now, and start envisioning your own path
as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach!

  • Darrell Price

  • Kris Greener

  • Stefanie Dworkin

  • Shelley Bitzer

Darrell Price

Ridgecrest, CA

My name is Darrell Price and I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, certified workshop facilitator, and certified life coach with extensive experience in geriatrics. I live in Ridgecrest, CA and I graduated from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in September 2019.

I’ve always known two things: the human body is amazing, and I love helping people. As a college baseball player, I was truly inspired by my fellow athletes’ ability to perform, to set and achieve ambitious physical goals. Various internships allowed me to further explore goal-setting and achievement as a way to help others. So when a mentor advised me to become an executive life coach, I felt a spark. I started reading, started focusing on my own growth so that I could make a difference in other people’s lives. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Human Services, I spent over 15 years in the social service field managing grants for homeless veterans, working with people with disabilities, doing employment training programs with ex-offenders, and working with group homes. It felt so good to help others create positive change.

Years later, I went through a major health journey—I lost about 70lbs with the help of my Functional Medicine physician (shoutout to Dr. Megan Stone, D.O.!). It’s not an overstatement to say that she changed my world. My diet and food choices look completely different now. I’m an ultramarathon runner and just recently finished a 100-miler! And it’s all thanks to Functional Medicine. Like many FMCA students, my journey is what inspired me to pursue coaching (in fact, my doctor is the person who referred me to The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy).

I knew I wanted to join a health coaching program that focused on using positive strengths to motivate clients. When I was researching, I found that The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy connected to my vision of positive psychology; FMCA incorporates character strengths incorporated throughout the entire course. This is the key to behavior change, and now I use what I’ve learned with my own clients to get results.

Where am I now? I’ve already signed up to sit for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) Board Certifying exam. Being able to sit for the Boards not only gives FMCA’s program credibility, it also gives my business credibility, and I didn’t realize how much that mattered until after I graduated.

I'm also continuing my studies with FMCA. I’m a member of the FMCA Alumni Program, and I’m taking the Short Courses: Intro to Corporate Wellness and Reversing Cognitive Decline. I think the biggest thing I want to emphasize is that it is so important to invest in a program with platforms that can help you continue to grow...because this industry is growing fast.

Since graduating, I started my own health coaching business, in addition to my Life Coaching business—something I’ve felt much more equipped to do thanks to the support I’ve received from the FMCA Alumni Program. Right now, when I have a client that comes to me for a specific issue, I can look back over my curriculum, listen to a webinar on that specific topic to refresh my memory, and then I meet the client with everything I need to be their coach. That's the advantage of being a part of Alumni Program, you have access to everything you need! You can tell that everyone who works for FMCA puts in a lot of effort into the student experience. I love to see the growth, and I know they’re constantly getting better and creating even more opportunities for students and grads.

Currently, I coach both in- and out-of-state clients; I coach from home using Zoom video conferencing for out-of-state clients, and I visit my clients’ homes for sessions if they’re in-state. I also host weekly workshops at our local hospital. At the hospital, I started a seniors group where I coach about 50 seniors on happiness and health every week. Additionally, I am an Alzheimer's Caregiver Facilitator at my local nursing home, and every week I do a Happy Hour Program where we dress up in fun outfits and sing music. I’ve also hosted health workshops geared toward customer service companies, but now that I'm a health coach, I'm interested in additionally moving into the corporate wellness space. I have even recently taught a health workshop in India!

I’ve found that hosting seminars about food, moving forward, positivity, and other topics are great ways to find clients. I use social media to market my business, but honestly, it’s about having a few really, really solid clients that refer people to you. I always go the extra mile to personally build a connection with clients so that they can’t help but send their network to me for coaching. I even send personalized notes to my clients at home—just one simple gesture can mean retaining a customer and finding a new one. That’s what works for me.

One final thought: the single best thing about The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy was the people I met in my cohort group. I loved our cohort, and I loved that we are all there for the same reason: we want to be coaches. Every Live Training Session with my cohort reminded me of why I’m there, that I have a story, too. I loved being a part of a group of people who share my health mindset and all want each other to succeed. We really want to help people, we really want to treat the whole person, and when you treat the whole person, everyone wins.

Kris Greener

Chippewa Falls, WI

My name is Kristine Greener and I am a Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. I live in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and I graduated from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in July of 2017. I worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant for over 25 years, and I taught physical therapy assistant classes at our local technical college while going back to school to earn my Bachelor of Science. I graduated at age 50 with my B.S. in Health & Wellness Management in May 2016, and then I started FMCA’s Health Coach Certification in July 2016. What a whirlwind it’s been!

I have always had an interest in living a healthy lifestyle, and I knew I wanted to take a more natural approach. After 25 years as a healthcare provider, I went back to school because I was tired of seeing people who were already sick! I wanted to advocate for a preventive and natural approach to health so that people would stop getting sick in the first place.

One day, I saw a post from Dr. Mark Hyman, one of my favorite health experts, where he recommended The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. I checked it out, and it was right up my alley! I signed up right away because it was clear that FMCA matched my own belief in a healthy lifestyle.

My initial vision for my career after Health Coaching Certification was to work with an MD on a collaborative care team or to start my own health coaching business. I actually ended up doing both!

Shortly after graduation, I started contracting with a doctor as her clinic’s health coach. It started off as a part-time position, and eventually it led to full-time, with a split between coaching and supplement management for 2½ years. I now work full-time with an MD who is in private practice offering a medical weight loss program using the keto diet, and he has a direct pay clinic. I am his first health coach! He had such a challenge with helping clients implement and sustain results since opening in 2011, so he turned to health coaching for a more holistic approach. Now he has 3 office locations, is opening another, and plans to grow a team of health coaches to work with the clients!

That said, it’s not all easy. Where I live, health coaching is a new thing for physicians, so I had to make my own path. It’s a big obstacle that there are so many people calling themselves “coaches” when in reality they have no training, no certification, never attended a NBHWC-approved program, and don’t know anything about behavior change! So I tell people what exactly I can do for them, how I fit into their practice, what I can do for their patients. I definitely hit lots of challenges being the first certified coach in my area.

FMCA has opened up so many new career opportunities for me, but the best part of the program is the direct access you get to top names in Functional Medicine. You can send your questions directly to experts like Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Tom O’Bryan! It was such a pleasure learning from the most respected names in Functional Medicine. I also loved how accessible FMCA’s founders are. It was so nice connecting with Sandi and Elyse on group calls and at events in person. As I continue to follow my healthy lifestyle path, I’m grateful to FMCA for changing my life.

Stefanie Dworkin

Brooklyn, NY

My name is Stefanie Dworkin, and I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, filmmaker, photographer, and teacher. I live in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in January of 2018.

I’ve always been interested in health and well-being, and I learned at a young age that an integrative approach can be incredibly powerful. I grew up in California going to health food stores with my family—that was back in the ‘80s, when “health food” was still weird!

Then, in 1989, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Conventional doctors said she wouldn’t survive radiation therapy, and since that was all they could offer us, we decided to take a different approach to healing. We found an alternative medicine clinic in Mexico that specialized in treating cancer and spent almost a year going back and forth for her treatment. I saw practitioners trying unconventional methods to help people who were fighting for their lives, and it just opened my eyes to a side of healthcare I had never seen before.

My mom passed away almost a year to her diagnosis, but she died happy that she fought the way that she wanted to. And I felt good knowing I supported her in that fight.

As I got older, my interest in alternative approaches to healthcare only grew. When I was a grad student in New York and needed to find a new doctor, I decided it was time I had an integrative healthcare practitioner as my primary care physician. As I’d discover later, the doctor I chose actually had a background in Functional Medicine!

In 2016, my doctor noticed that I had an elevated thyroid antibody and put me in a category of Hashimoto’s—not full-blown, because I didn’t have any symptoms of it, but still tough news to hear. My curiosity was piqued, and I started researching: What was the holistic approach to treating Hashimoto’s?

That’s when I came across Functional Medicine, and it opened up a whole new area that was very exciting to me. I started watching videos and listening to Functional Medicine podcasts, learning models of expected treatment with a Functional Medicine approach. I got so into it, I wanted to learn everything about it and make it part of my life. I even explored another health coaching program, but it just seemed so generic. I knew that a basic health coach training wouldn’t be enough. So I kept exploring...

One day, at James Maskell’s Functional Forum meetup, I heard someone give a talk on health coaching as a critical part of the Functional Medicine collaborative care model. They mentioned FMCA and its partnership with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), and that their Health Coach Certification was breaking new ground in the field. I was hooked!

Because of the IFM connection, choosing FMCA felt like a no brainer. First, I couldn’t believe that as a student, I’d be learning directly from these world-class doctors! The curriculum felt so empowering for me, too. I wanted this information so badly, and it felt like FMCA was taking me right to the source. For me, there was no question: this was what I wanted.

Once I registered and the program began, it just rang so true to what’s important to me and what I’m about (and in some surprising ways). Going into it, I was definitely most drawn by the Functional Medicine side of the curriculum. I already loved my career as a teacher and filmmaker, so I wasn’t planning on health coaching professionally. But I found that I loved learning about coaching and how to help people on their path to better health and well-being. That’s a useful (and powerful) skill no matter what you do for work!. And I could even see connections between Functional Medicine Health Coaching and my current career. Lately I’ve been lucky to work on video projects in the Functional Medicine space, including a few projects with FMCA! It’s so exciting to find the right balance for our lives. That's what I strive for.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve applied a lot of the wellness techniques and diet principles that I learned in my own life. I feel a new sense of balance and health, and I’ve become more grounded and aware. And while I’m not a practicing coach, my friends and family know I’m a resource now! They come to me to talk about things they're struggling with and look for support, which I’m happy to offer. They appreciate my mind and way I approach things (it’s the Coach Approach!). I have FMCA to thank for that.

My year with FMCA changed me a lot, and I know I’ll never stop learning. I still listen to podcasts and follow industry voices like Dr. Mark Hyman. And I'd like to integrate Functional Medicine Health Coaching into my career even more, though I’m not sure what I want that to look like yet. Maybe I’ll work on health films, something that would let me go deeper and make a profound impact, in my own way, to challenge the systems that are making us sick.

What’s the best part of FMCA? Besides the curriculum (which is exceptional), it’s the community. Hands down. Even after graduating, I’ve been able to stay so connected, and I’ve even deepened my involvement in the Functional Medicine world. And that has made me very happy.

Shelley Bitzer

Oakmont, PA

My name is Shelley Bitzer and I am a National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I currently own a coaching business, and I am a co-founder of a corporate wellness program. I live 50/50 in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, I hold a Bachelor's of Science and Business Administration with a minor in Marketing and Economics, and I was a stay-at-home mom for 20 years. I graduated The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in January of 2018 and then sat for (and passed!) the NBHWC Board-Certification exam.

You really never know when a defining moment in life is going to come and shake you up! Shortly after my kids “flew the nest,” I discovered that I was pretty sick with Lyme disease and mold, and that led me to seek Functional Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman. One day, I was just lying on the sofa with my laptop, feeling sick and poking around the internet. All of a sudden, there was Dr. Hyman’s face, larger than life and saying, “You can have a career helping others. Become a coach at The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.” It struck a chord! I happened to have a telehealth appointment with Dr. Hyman later that day, and when I mentioned it to him, he said, “Do it, go for it. I think you'd be great!”

In researching FMCA, it just felt right. I am a firm believer in the merits of Functional Medicine as a way to make sense of why you're sick and how, by changing your diet and lifestyle, you can find a way to be well. It’s a full picture of health, and that’s what’s missing from the conventional model. I knew I wanted to be a part of the force for change, so I registered and jumped right in.

Initially, I envisioned using my health coaching career as a part-time job, doing virtual coaching with clients who are living with Lyme disease and mold like I am. What actually happened is a little different! While at FMCA, I met the most amazing group of coaches, people with whom I could converse, go deep, and brainstorm. Now, we work together! We organize a monthly meeting with a healthcare organization that advocates around the Functional Medicine approach to reversing cognitive decline, where we provide feedback and ideas to top decision makers. We’ve also written a cookbook together (launching soon!) and we’ve just started a corporate wellness program. In addition, I’m serving as a Clinical Coordinator for a practitioner in Sacramento who’s getting his business off the ground. I have my own Health Coaching business on the side, too. I never could have imagined I’d be working in such diverse parts of the field (and with friends by my side)!

When I was younger, I always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but it was never quite the right move for me. Now, I feel like I’m fulfilling that dream in my own way, and that’s given me a new sense of purpose and peace. And I’m proud of the example I’m setting for my kids. You know the saying, “fall down seven times, get up eight”? Thats me. Even while I was sick, I was actively and enthusiastically seeking out what's next. They saw me work really hard for something, and now they’re seeing it pay off.

FMCA opened so many doors, so my advice is to stay flexible—don’t pigeonhole yourself! I’ve been able to explore so many different opportunities, and my clients have found me in so many different ways. They contact me through my website, or we meet at a community networking event, and I’ve had lots of referrals from other coaches, too. All these unexpected opportunities have just been amazing.

And Sandi and Elyse are such incredible supporters. That’s probably the best part of getting my Health Coach Certification with FMCA: the community. Actually, it’s more like a family. The availability, the support, and the camaraderie is like nothing I’ve experienced. Now that I’ve graduated, their Short Courses are keeping me close to this dynamically supportive and growing family, and it's so wonderful to have the founders behind me, too! They are genuinely happy for the success of their students. FMCA really challenges you to be the best possible version of yourself. I never expected to find all this in an online program.

Curriculum Overview

View a month-by-month breakdown of our Health Coach Certification curriculum here.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Our Health Coach Certification Program has received approval for Continuing Education with a variety of professional organizations. Below, you will find some of our current Continuing Education approvals. Download our Info Packet for more details.

Continuing Education partner with AFAA
Approved Providers of Continuing Education for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Continuing Coach Education Partner
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
National Academy of Sports Medicine - Continuing Education Partner
Health Coach Assocation - Approved Continuing Education Partner


Who can enroll in FMCA to become a health coach?

We welcome students with a broad range of educational backgrounds, career histories, and life experiences into the program. A background in healthcare or business may help, but it’s not a requirement for Health Coach Certification. Your unique perspective is one of your greatest strengths as a Health Coach!

Where does the program take place? Will I have to travel?

Nope! The program takes place entirely online. You’ll view and download recorded content on our virtual learning platform, and you’ll connect live with your cohorts on our secure video conferencing platform. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home, your office, on vacation—we are wherever you are.

What is the program start date?

New sessions of our Health Coach Certification Program begin each March 1 and September 1.

When can I register?

Registration for each class opens about 4 months before the class start date. You may register at any time during that period.

Is the program set up for international students?

Yes! Our students and staff are located in over 40 countries worldwide, and we can accommodate students from all timezones. Students say the international friendships they make are a huge bonus to their experience in the program.

Is this program affiliated with The Institute for Functional Medicine?

Yes! Not only are we affiliated with The Institute for Functional Medicine, we’re the ONLY Health Coach Certification Program developed in collaboration with IFM—and we are incredibly proud of that.

Program Approval: Which health and wellness coaching organizations have approved this program?

Our Health Coach Certification holds program approval from the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and is in keeping with the standards of excellence set forth by the Harvard Institute of Coaching, two internationally-recognized boards who set standards for the field coaching.

Is the program approved for Continuing Education?

Yes, we are approved for Continuing Education with 9 organizations and counting! A list of all our current Continuing Education program approvals may be found in the Info Packet.

What credentials do graduates earn? Will I receive a certificate?

Successful graduates earn the designation “Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach” and receive a health coaching certificate.

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

Yes! We have a range of payment plans and financing options. Check out the Info Packet for full details.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If you’d like to withdraw from the program, we offer a full refund (minus a $500 processing fee) up to 30 days after your class start date. No refunds are offered outside the withdrawal window. You may also choose to defer to a later class at any time. The deferment fee is $200, and you may choose to defer to either session (March or September) within 2 years.