Specialty Courses

Take your Health Coach Education to the Next Level

Want to grow your reach, appeal to more clients, and be among the first to tackle new trends and developments in the field? Fuel your career growth and learn new and exciting ways of healing by cultivating your expertise in our Specialty Courses.

These robust standalone courses dive deep into new, relevant, specialized topics and are immediately accessible in a self-paced, online format.

Intro to Creating Wellness: Functional Medicine & Positive Psychology

Enjoy this free self-paced course to get a sample of some of the quality content you can expect from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

The first section presents the core principles of functional medicine, while the second explores the basic concepts of positive psychology. The third talk in this series takes a deeper dive into one of the core components of positive psychology: the power of character strengths.

As you explore functional medicine and positive psychology, consider that both offer roadmaps for thriving. That’s why they’re the key pillars in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy’s health coaching certification program.

Health Coach Integration Into Clinical Programs & Insurance-Based Practices / Instructed by Dr. Cheng Ruan

Learn the ins and outs of working as a health coach in a medical practice, including those that accept insurance. Topics covered include the importance of the health coach on a collaborative care team, practical tips for working in medical practices, the basics of insurance billing, and recent coding changes favorable to health coaching.

Basics of Positive Psychology

Build a foundation in positive psychology in less than 1 hour! In this Specialty Course, Dr. Margarita Tarragona introduces you to the basics of positive psychology, including two key frameworks that health coaches use with their clients: PERMA and Character Strengths.

The Heart as a Master Communicator

A simple, heart-focused breath while you’re thinking about something you love or appreciate-it’s very powerful medicine.” In this interview, renowned cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri discusses how the heart speaks to the body to create physical and emotional health.

The Value of a Health Coach

Why are health coaches such transformative team members in a medical practice? Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum counts the ways in this talk from FMCA’s Functional Medicine Coaching Summit in June 2018.