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Whether you're a health coach, FMCA student, practitioner, or just interested in health and wellness, we want to support you. The following resources serve to further the mission of changing the face of healthcare through functional medicine health coaching.

Free Guides

We have eBooks and guides that are packed with information about functional medicine, health coaching, and wellness in general. How to Become a Health Coach: The Career That Can Bring You Joy, and The Doctor’s Guide To Health Coaching are just a few of the guides available.

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We have a podcast! Hosted by FMCA Founder and CEO Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, Health Coach Talk features insights from the most well-respected names in Health Coaching and Functional Medicine. Dr. Sandi explores the positive impact that health coaching has on healthcare, as it provides a personalized, patient-centered, science-based approaches to wellness.

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Explore the FMCA Blog for informative articles on health coaching, nutrition, functional medicine, and the latest happenings with FMCA. We offer resources for health coaches looking to better support clients or grow their careers, as well as for wellness enthusiasts and practitioners simply looking for facts and insights on healthy living.

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We receive a LOT of questions about health coaching and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy’s programs. Get answers to the most common questions you have no matter where you are on your health coaching journey. We address everything from “What is health coaching?” to detailed questions on scope of practice and FMCA’s health coach certification program.

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Find a Health Coach

Are you looking for a health coach to help you reach health and wellness goals? Our searchable health coach directory can help you find the right coach for you. Search by name, keyword, and even location.

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Health Coaching For Medical Practices

Are you a practitioner or curious what health coaching can do for medical practices? Our resource for medical practices offers tools for finding a health coach, posting a coaching job, and getting health coach training.

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