About David Haase, MD

David Haase, MD is a doctor, teacher, and innovator who is deeply committed to maximizing wellness one unique person at a time. He is an Institute for Functional Medicine faculty member and founder and medical director of the MaxWell Clinic, a Collaborative-Care, Functional Medicine Clinic.

He is co-founder of MD Omics, a company that analyzes complex data sets to enable more precise clinical care, as well asĀ a nonprofit organizationĀ that helps youths make healthier choices for their bodies and their communities. His interest in healthcare data and technology has led to his involvement in companies such as XYMOGEN, TrendShift, Evoke Neuroscience, and Metabolon.

As a lecturer, Dr. Haase teaches internationally about the root causes of disease and advocates whole person approaches to cancer prevention and treatment and the creation of health. He is board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine and was in the first class of IFM Certified Practitioner graduates. Dr. Haase is passionate about making better health accessible to all people and uses his innovation and creativity to bring new diagnostics and treatments to the medical field for the betterment of medicine and health.

Subjects Covered

FM: Energy