About Lyra Heller, MA

Lyra Heller, MA is an anthropologist who explores how different belief systems shape both the patient-healer relationship and our innate capacity to heal.

She embarked on this journey in 1968, and spent first 15 years in an intense apprenticeship in the areas of food as medicine, traditional Chinese and European plant medicine, homeopathy, the development of intuitive faculties, and the power of conversation to promote personal transformation.

She was driven by the desire to create a bridge between two worlds: the enduring techniques and remedies of ancient times, and the emerging fields of nutrigenomics, lifestyle, and network medicine.

In 1983, Lyra co-founded Metagenics, Inc, an international health sciences company, and over the next three decades, she created numerous science-based dietary and herbal formulas. She was co-architect of the therapeutic lifestyle change program known as FirstLine Therapy Certification and has lectured globally on topics as diverse as functional nutrition, neurological health, and the art of wellness coaching.

She recently established Whispering Leaves, Voices of Natural Medicine, a service through Ironwood Health and Fitness dedicated to the responsible implementation of natural healing methods.

Subjects Covered

The Art and Science of Coaching