Are you a doctor who knows the benefits of adding coaching skills to your practice?

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy offers 3 ways to easily incorporate health coaching into your practice:

Search our database for coaches with specialty training or in a particular location (including remote/virtual coaches) and reach out directly to coaches whose skills and experience fit your criteria.

Post your open position for free and find the right FMCA-trained and Certified Health Coach for your practice. Our health coach community monitors job postings closely—if you’re ready to bring a coach to your practice, start here!


Would someone from your practice/team make a great health coach? We train and certify office staff, nurses, and even doctors in our program. Learn more about our Functional Medicine Health Coach Certification.

Want to learn about how collaborating with a Functional Medicine Health Coach can help your practice? Opt into our practitioner communications for monthly information on collaborative care teams, the benefits of working with a coach, how to incorporate coaching into your practice, and more.

“The biggest gap in medical care right now is the lack of coaching.”

-Dr. Ruan


What do Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches bring to your practice?

  • Motivational strategies, behavior change theory, and communication techniques to help clients create sustainable changes that lead to better health
  • Bridge the gap between what clients know they need to do to be healthy and the intrinsic motivation needed to make and sustain those changes.
  • The expertise and qualifications to partner with doctors and help translate the plan of care into a plan of action

Here’s What Doctors Are Saying About Their Functional Medicine Health Coach

  • Roy Hall, MD

  • Cheng Ruan, MD

  • Corey Rice, DO

  • Max Tomlinson, ND

Dr Hall

“Adding a health coach has made a tremendous difference. People get well faster. I would never go back to not having a coach. It just does not make sense to me. When I look back on our first year, I feel kind of sorry for our clients because they missed out.”

Roy Hall, MD created Mountain Health Functional Medicine and sees patients for diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune and thyroid issues, hormones, and other conditions. His FMCA-trained health coach works remotely and they’ve created an incredibly effective strategy for collaborating and communicating via his EMR.

Dr Raun

“One way to combat patients falling through the cracks and doctor burnout is health coaching and group visits. At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we have developed a structure that allows us to adopt health coaching that helps the patient and doctor.”

Cheng Raun, MD is an internal medical doctor using integrative and Functional Medical approaches in an insurance-based practice. Dr Raun’s health coach works onsite and facilitates both individual and group coaching.

Dr Rice

“If you're a doctor deciding on having someone with this position, I don't know how I would do what I do, and grow my business, without a health coach. I don't think we could do it.”

Corey Rice, DO is founder of Modern Medicine in TX. He is a conventionally trained doctor who saw the need for diet and lifestyle intervention early on in his career. He works collaboratively with a full time, onsite health coach.

Dr Tomlinson

“I have a deep confidence that the coach and l speak the same language and that’s really important for the Recode program. Having a health coach there who is, number one, trained, number two, understands the terminology and will give people advice that sticks to a framework that we've all agreed on, is of utmost importance.”

Max Tomlinson, ND is UK based but works internationally with patients who suffer cognitive decline. He uses Dr Bredesen’s ReCode program and collaborates remotely with an international Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.