Part of making a big decision is asking questions. We know there’s a lot to consider!

Check out some of the most common questions we hear from prospective students.

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What if I need technical support?


Before the course starts, the FMCA tech team will take you through a tutorial explaining how to use Canvas, our online learning management system. Should you have any problems once the program starts, our technology ambassadors and systems administrator are available to share your screen and troubleshoot any technical difficulties.


Is the program set up for international students?

Yes, the program is designed to accommodate students from all over the world. Our global student community is expanding rapidly and we have course facilitators dedicated to meeting the needs of international students. We’re also in the process of translating course materials into Spanish.

NOTE: The availability of technology can vary by country. Please ensure that you are able to meet the technical requirements of the program prior to starting the course. Learn about our technology requirements.

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements?

Learn about our technology requirements.

International students, please note: the availability of technology varies by country. Please review and ensure you can meet the technical requirements of the program prior to applying to the course, including the ability to access videos on and utilize for video conference calling.

What books and materials will I need?

Shortly before the course begins, you will receive a reading list including four required books as well as many recommended books. The remaining course material (webinars, audio files, videos, handouts, etc.) will be released to you at the start of each new monthly module.


How long do I have access to the course materials?

Your course materials will be available for a period of one year after graduation. Beyond that, alumni may choose to access updated program resources for a yearly fee.


How does FMCA support their alumni?

We aim to offer a range of support options, as our alumni pursue many different paths and have different needs. The Alumni Program is a robust resource of professional support, education, and community-building opportunities, including mentorship in coaching and business/marketing, the latest developments in Functional Medicine and nutrition, and access to all certification course materials.

Our Find-A-Coach directory is a searchable database of all FMCA-trained coaches; alumni add their professional information to their profiles so that clients and practitioners can find them and work with them.

Practitioners come to our Functional Medicine Job Board looking specifically for FMCA-trained coaches; they post their open positions and our alumni get exclusive access to these postings. And our quarterly alumni newsletter gives us a place to celebrate wins and keep a pulse on the community. We are grateful to have such an engaged alumni network.

What job opportunities exist for health coaches?


There is growing demand for health coaches and increasing recognition of Functional Medicine as the premier strategy for treating chronic disease. Graduating from FMCA as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach opens many doors, and our Alumni are using their training to pursue a range of career paths. They establish private coaching practices, work in Functional Medicine practices, bring Functional Medicine health coaching to traditional medical practices, work in a corporate wellness environment, provide direct-to-consumer coaching as contractors for healthcare businesses, advance in their current positions, or a combination of a few of these paths.



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