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Registration closes February 17, 2022 at midnight CST
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Earn your certification in one year
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Registration closes February 17, 2022 at midnight CST

Flexible Payment Options Available Including split, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month or 12-month Installment Plans

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FMCA Reviews

FMCA has been the best year of my life!

“In a world of a ‘pill for an ill’, looking at the cause and not the symptom is just a no-brainer. Making small changes in the five pillars or foundation of your lifestyle in turn makes huge strides in your overall health. Being that person who meets a client where they’re at and helps to facilitate that kind of change, is the reason why I became a health coach. And not just any health coach, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Looking back, FMCA has been the best year of my life!” –Carolyn Nicholas, UK

The skills I learned at FMCA fundamentally changed my health coaching for the better

“The skills I learned at FMCA fundamentally changed my health coaching for the better. I feel much more in tune and connected with my clients and I have become a much better listener, and therefore more able to support my clients in their healing process. One of the things my clients love the most is when I focus on their Character Strengths, as it gives them the hope and confidence that really helps them move forward.”
Jessica, Canada

FMCA Gives You All The Tools You Need

“FMCA was definitely the best Health Coach Certification choice for me. Not only does this training program give you top rate information about diet, lifestyle, mindfulness, and activity, but it’s got the piece that I didn’t even realize I was missing: how to tap into a person’s intrinsic motivation. How to make progress. How to help your clients be successful, wherever they’re at, on their level. From positive psychology to Functional Medicine, breathing, and assessment/utilization of character strengths, FMCA gives you ALL the tools you need, no matter how you want to channel your practice as a coach.”
Eileen, USA

Superior curriculum…Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology Tools

Superior curriculum integrating Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology tools essential in the Coach approach. A compassionate and dedicated staff focused on helping coaches grow and succeed. Functional Medicine Coaching Academy follows up with assistance in securing a job or creating a private coaching business.
Linda, Facebook

A Wonderful Program | Functional Medicine | Health Coaching Certification

“It has been a wonderful program. I have learned how functional medicine works and the skills to becoming a great coach! I have fit the curriculum into my busy life. I have enjoyed learning how to help people learn to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.”
Nikki, Facebook

This program is amazing

“This program is amazing on so many levels. Health Coaching is a very promising career choice! I am transitioning from being a personal fitness trainer (35 years) into a full time health coach! FMCA and the Alumni network has been a tremendous support for me and I’m excited to continue on this journey. FMCA has done so much work to be part of the healthcare revolution. They work tirelessly to continue to forge ahead with an amazing offering to change people’s lives for the better! You will love this program and all of the wonderful people involved!”
Ann, Facebook

Health Coach Certification: Nothing Short of Transformative

“My Health Coach Certification experience has been nothing short of transformative. It’s a one-year journey of self-discovery—almost like an ongoing retreat. A fantastic space for self-improvement because FMCA has created a program that allows vulnerability.”
Michael, Philippines

FMCA’s Health Coach Certification Program: Best Thing I’ve Done For My Career

“FMCA’s Health Coach Certification Program is the best thing that I have done for my professional development thus far in my career. I went into the program expecting to gain knowledge around health and nutrition, and I’m graduating with so much more than that. The way I communicate with others, present myself, listen, and ask questions has been transformed, and that’s invaluable. I am so grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone!”
Kristy, USA

Holistic Health And Wellness Coaching: I Definitely Recommended FMCA

“I searched most of the holistic health and wellness coaching schools in the field. I chose FMCA because it was the training program that really balanced psychology and medicine. Also, no other Health Coach Certification could match the caliber and credentials of the faculty. I definitely recommend FMCA to anyone who wants to become certified health coach.”
Nash, USA

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