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You may notice that some of our Specialty Courses are free! These introductory topics are the perfect way to get started if online learning is new to you or if you’re not sure which Specialty Course to try first.

Basics of Positive Psychology $29.97

Build a foundation in positive psychology in less than 1 hour! In this Specialty Course, Dr. Margarita Tarragona introduces you to the basics of positive psychology, including two key frameworks that health coaches use with their clients: PERMA and Character Strengths.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 45 minutes

Coaching for Recovery, Reset, and Resilience $129

Explore the latest Functional Medicine science on botanicals, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine as they relate to COVID-19, and build foundational knowledge in how to partner with clients to develop the emotional and physical resilience required to recover and reset.Read More
ONLINE | 2 CE Credits | Duration: 2.5 Hours

The Growth of Functional Medicine Free

"It's quite exciting, because it's really pioneering a role that's never existed before, and I think that it's just the beginning of our role with health coaches. In fact, my goal is to train literally thousands of health coaches for the Cleveland Clinic system, to deploy in the communities, to support them online, to do everything." - Dr. Mark Hyman in this 2015 interviewRead More
ONLINE | DURATION : 17 minutes

The Heart as a Master Communicator Free

“A simple, heart-focused breath while you’re thinking about something you love or appreciate—it’s very powerful medicine." In this interview, renowned cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri discusses how the heart speaks to the body to create physical and emotional health.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 60 minutes

Intro to Corporate Wellness $59

This introduction to the growing world of Corporate Wellness from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and health & wellness industry leader Stewart Levy provides insider knowledge and actionable strategies for tapping this market AND 1 Continuing Education Credit through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC).Read More
ONLINE | 1 CE Credit | DURATION : 1.5 hour

Ins and Outs of Group Coaching $29.97

Unlock the benefits of group visits for your coaching or medical practice. Whether you’re considering developing a group program or you’re pitching your services to a medical practice or corporate wellness provider, this course will help you build a strong foundation in group coaching.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 60 minutes

Men’s Health $229

What Coaches Need To Know About Male Hormones From A Functional Medicine Perspective. A new Specialty Course from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and The Institute for Functional Medicine (worth 6 CE Credits with NBHWC)Read More
ONLINE | 6 CE Credits | DURATION : 6 hours

The Royal Flush: The Health Clues In Your Poop $59

Interpret the health clues hidden in your poop, and grow your vocabulary and comfort with this important part of our daily health. Learn how the impacts of diet and lifestyle can show up in our bowel movements, and what you can do to improve your digestive health. NBC-HWCs earn 1 Continuing Education Credit.Read More
ONLINE | 1 CE Credit | DURATION : 90 Minutes

The Value of a Health Coach Free

Why are health coaches such transformative team members in a medical practice? Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum counts the ways in this talk from FMCA’s Functional Medicine Coaching Summit in June 2018.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 60 minutes

Values-Based Coaching Free

“Core values are the language of your soul."In this interview, Lisa Doig shares how coaches who focus on values and purpose can help their clients raise their level of consciousness.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 31 minutes

Whole Self Detox $29.97

Take a Functional Medicine, whole-self approach to detoxification with Dr. Deanna Minich, who incorporates mind-body principles and lifestyle factors into her method. Learn to detox holistically for yourself, your family, or your clients, with ready-to-use Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) tools.Read More
ONLINE | DURATION : 60 minutes

Other Board Certified Professionals: Many professions in the health, medical, and mental health fields allow individuals to submit coursework from non-board approved providers for continuing education credit.  The following professions have had success with receiving continuing education credits from their state boards for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy courses: Fitness Trainers, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers, & Pharmacists. Please check with your state board to see if you would qualify.